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My Child's Talk is undergoing redevelopment and is currently unavailable to new users. Meanwhile, the resources below may be of interest to parents.

For more information about the Language Use Inventory, please visit LanguageUseInventory.com.

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The resources provided below are largely cost-free. In some cases a cost may be attached (e.g., to buy a book), but in these cases, the materials have been included because they are well-respected and well-known with the community of child development and child language researchers and professionals. At no time will or has My Child’s Talk accept(ed) or receive(d) any financial reimbursement from these recommended materials.

The information presented is carefully curated and updated by Dr. Daniela O’Neill, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the developer of the Language Use Inventory. This is a select list of sites that meet the highest scientific and professional standards and that can offer parents a very good starting point to learn more about:

1.Finding A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Near You

2.Typical Speech And Language Development And Childhood Speech And Language Difficulties

3.How a Parent Can Promote/Encourage And Grow a Child’s Language Development And Help a Child With Speech And Language Needs

4.Assessment Services & Other Resources In Your Own Community

5.Early Child Development

Please give us feedback on additional resources that would be helpful to include in this section.